Property Maintenance

100% placement rates for graduates from this program.*

Gainful Employment Information:

The Moore Tech Maintenance Technology course provides a student with the technical knowledge and ability to perform repairs on, and/or maintenance of property (buildings, both commercial and residential), as well as knowledge of management concepts.

Maintenance Technology students will be taught numerous repair skills in electricity, plumbing and carpentry that will provide each student with a well-rounded background in general repair and maintenance. The course includes classroom instruction and extensive hands-on instruction and shop experience.

Introduction to maintenance involving carpentry, piping, and plumbing is included.

  • Safety in use of hand and power tools
  • Measuring, layout and cutting techniques
  • Dry-wall repair
  • Repair of door locks, doors and windows.
  • Pipe cutting and threading and use of PVC pipe.
  • Repairing leaky faucets
  • Toilet replacement and repair
  • Cleaning traps and repairing leaking pipes.

Property Maintenance:


Many students may be headed for a career as manager of a property maintenance staff. So training in management skills that include interviewing techniques, motivating and leading employees, preparing work schedules and preventive maintenance schedules, record keeping, inspections, parts ordering and inventory, and fair housing laws. Training in customer/tenant relations and communications that include writing reports, working with contractors and dealing with customer complaints.

Electrical Repair (PM-111)

Residential electrical including safety, electrical theory, terms and symbols, diagrams, repairing circuits, replacing switches, receptacles, and circuit breakers, low voltage circuits and inspection.

Carpentry Repair (PM-112)

Residential carpentry including safety, proper selection and use of tools, materials, measuring, cutting lumber, adhesives and fasteners, structural design, drywall repair, replacing locks and doors and residential inspection

Plumbing Repair (PM-113)

Residential plumbing including safety, understanding basic plumbing systems, materials, PVC pipe, copper tubing, soldering, faucet repair, toilet repair, disposal installation, repairing leaks and residential inspection.

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